Where it all started

Our story

We’re birds of a feather: seasoned and experienced yet still curious and eager. Never taking anything for granted, with clear roadmaps to get things done in the best way possible under given circumstances. We listen and then we challenge: ourselves, each other, our Clients and our Chiefs.

Our team

We’re dedicated to serve our Chiefs and our Clients.

Robert Charlier

Founding partner

Seasoned global HR executive and a true sports buff. Travelled the world for business and pleasure.

Wanda van Kerkvoorden

Founding partner

Techy at heart, decided on law for a career. Gets inspired by immersing herself in other cultures. Which she finds in board rooms, concerts, travels and her “posse” of family and friends.

Tommes Krullaars

Founding partner

Strong HR executive. An avid handball player who passed these genes on to his offspring. Master in drafting both solid and creative business models.

Josephine den Hoed

Office Manager

Highly energetic multi talent. She runs Allchiefs like a “military operation meets school trip”. After work you can find her in the DJ-Booth.

Berthold Rosendahl

Founding partner

Successful drummer in a rock band. Chose law as a career and found out that he’s an entrepreneur at heart.

The Experts

Our Chiefs

Our chiefs are experts and co-owners of Allchiefs. They all belong to the best and brightest of their discipline. We make sure that our clients get the best personal fit necessary to get the job done. How hard, tedious or demanding that job may be.
Full CV's available for our clients.